Expressive E Touche SE

Multi dimensional modulation controller with USB connectivity

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Multi dimensional modulation controller with USB Connectivity

The Expressive E Touché SE is a unique Expressive Controller, that's a cut down version of the orginal Touche. Designed to enhance the playability of your software instruments, it forgoes the MIDI and CV connectivity and the wooden top plate and instead opts for just USB MIDI, and has a carbon fibre top plate.


Touche is a high quality, robust controller solution for those who are seeking a more natural, humanised feel in their instruments. Touche comprises of a highly sensitive wooden touchplate controller, which can sense both pressure, velocity and direction in multiple axis. The positional information that this controller produces can be freely assigned and turned into multiple controller message using Expressive E's Lie Software.


Touche can be used over USB soft synths and computer software, (and with the right MIDI converter) hardware and even your modular system.


If you're seeking that extra level of expressivity and control in your hardware and pitch and mod wheels just don't cut it, then Touche is for you.


The main features of the Expressive E Touche SE Include


Alternative USB MIDI controller for added expressivity and enhanced control


Premium build quality with an impressive software package


Easily interfaces with hardware and software instruments


Can also function standalone as a percussion surface and much more

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