Flea 250 Vintage

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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£3,645.83 ex VAT
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Exact replica of the legendary M250 with all parts meticulously recreated including capsule and transformer

At a glance

  • Faithful replica of the famous M50 microphone
  • Identical mechanical parts to the original design
  • Equipped with a proprietary F9 capsule and BV11 transformer
  • Uses 6S6B tube
  • Ideal for AB stereo recording technique
  • Excellent for miking symphonic orchestras and acoustic instruments
  • Clear and pleasant sound quality
  • Resembles the Neumann 50 in all aspects, with the exception of the bottom connector.
  • Complete set includes a microphone in a wooden box, PSU, and cable

The FLEA 250 faithfully reproduces the renowned Neumann M50 microphone. 

The FLEA 250 includes Flea’s premium F9 capsule and BV11 transformer, elevating its performance. Flea Microphones has also meticulously crafted all its mechanical components to mirror the originals, ensuring high authenticity.

This microphone is especially well-suited for stereo recording applications and excels in capturing the rich sound of symphonic orchestras or serving as a spot microphone for acoustic instruments.

The comprehensive package includes the microphone housed in an elegant wooden box and the essential PSU and cable. The FLEA 250 mirrors the Neumann 50 in almost every aspect except for the bottom connector.

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