Flea 48 Vintage

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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Classic U48 Replica with EF12 valve set

At a glance

  • Meticulously designed as an exceptional replica of the Neumann U48
  • Equipped with either the F7 or the F47 capsule, a faithful reproduction of the K47 capsule
  • Features the FLEA replica of the BV8 transformer
  • includes the Flea EF12 valve
  • option to upgrade to the Telefunken EF12 to VALVO EF12
  • Duraluminium construction with a nickel-plated body
  • Exclusively available in a short body version
  • Matte nickel-plated grille
  • Comprehensive package includes the microphone, wooden storage box, cable, shock mount, and power supply
  • Choice of two PSU types: modern (standard) or vintage-style (available upon request)

The FLEA 48 has been meticulously designed to serve as an exceptional emulation of the renowned Neumann U48 microphone. It is equipped with the F7 capsule, a faithful reproduction of the K47 capsule or the option, at no extra cost, of choosing the F47 capsule. The FLEA 48 features a replica of the BV8 transformer and the Flea EF12 tube.

Constructed from duraluminium and finished with nickel plating, the body of the FLEA 48 exudes durability and elegance. This microphone model is exclusively available in a short-body configuration, complemented by a matte nickel-plated grille.

Optional tubes, including the Telefunken EF12 or the Valvo EF12, are available on request.


The comprehensive FLEA 48 package comprises the microphone, a wooden storage box, a cable, a shock mount, and a power supply.

You can select from two distinct power supply unit (PSU) types: the standard modern PSU or the vintage-style PSU, which is available upon request.

FLEA 48 Vintage Microphone Features:

  • Everything is packed in safety portable case.
  • Directional pattern cardioid  - eight Frequency range 35Hz - 18kHz
  • Sensitivity at 1kHz 20mV/Pa
  • 14mV/Pa Rated impedance 50/200 Ohm
  • Rated load impedance min 500/2000 Ohm
  • Tube type: EF12

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