Flea 49 Vintage

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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Exact clone of the M49 microphone with perfect recreation of the legendary M7 capsule and transformer., M49 clone Tube Microphone Set.

At a glance

  • Meticulous emulation of the Neumann M49 microphone
  • Authentic replication of all mechanical components
  • Equipped with the F7 capsule, a precise replica of the legendary M7 capsule
  • Replica transformer matching the one used in original M49 microphones
  • Carefully selected tube for noise reduction
  • Comprehensive package includes: M49 microphone in a wooden box, PSU, and cable

The FLEA 49 is a meticulous emulation of the Neumann M49 microphone, constructed with an unwavering commitment to authenticity. 

To capture the essence of the original, the Flea 49 has within its core the F7 capsule, a precision-crafted replica of the iconic M7 capsule, ensuring the microphone delivers exceptional performance.

An equally vital component is the transformer, expertly modelled to match the one found in the legendary M49 microphones. It ensures the FLEA 49 maintains its historical accuracy and uses a BV11 transformer developed in-house.

Not to be overlooked, the tube selection process has been undertaken with utmost care, focusing on noise reduction to guarantee top-notch audio quality. As a result, the Flea 49 includes a 6S6B valve.

The comprehensive package includes the microphone, elegantly housed in a wooden box, along with the necessary PSU and cable, providing users with a complete setup that upholds the legacy of the M49 microphone.

Technical Specs:

  • Directional pattern cardioid | omni | eight Frequency range 40Hz, 18kHz
  • Sensitivity at 1kHz 4,5mV/Pa | 6mV/Pa | 8mV/Pa
  • Rated impedance 50/200 Ohm
  • Rated load impedance min 500/2000 Ohm
  • Weight 0.8 kg

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