Focal Sub One

Active Subwoofer

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Active subwoofer with two drivers designed to extend low frequency down to 32Hz and reveal crucial low-frequency details.

At a glance

  • 350W Active subwoofer for professional monitoring systems
  • Perfect for use in music production, post-production or broadcast applications
  • Frequency response: 30Hz-250Hz
  • Maximum SPL: 116 dB SPL (peak@1m)
  • Input - Type/impedance: Left, Right, LFE Electronically balanced / 10 kOhms. Connector: Female 3 pins XLR. Sensitivity: Variable
  • Output (to satellites) - Type/impedance: Left, Right Electronically balanced/50 Ohms. Connector: Male 3 pins XLR
  • Amplifier: 300 W RMS, BASH technology
  • Internal processing and functions: Left + Right mono summation, LFE+lo-passed mono sum, 24dB/octave variable lo-pass filter, Phase adjustment, Polarity, 24dB/octave, defeatable hi-pass filters with selectable frequency
  • User controls: Sublevel (sensitivity) adjustment, Lo-pass frequency adjustment, Phase adjustment, Polarity switch, Mute, 2.1 bypass (controlled by external footswitch), Hi-pass frequency selection, Hi-pass defeat
  • Indicator (LED's): Power on, Mute, Hi-pass defeat
  • Power supply - Mains voltage, Connection 230V (T1.6AL fuse rating) or 115V (T3.15AL fuse rating), IEC inlet and detachable power cord
  • Transducer: Subwoofer "W" composite sandwich cone, high excursion Focal 11W7670 270mm (10.6") drive unit
  • Cabinet Construction: 19mm MDF panels internally braced
  • Finish: Real red veneer sides - Black on body
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 380 x 344 x 440mm (15 x 13.5 x 17.3)
  • Weight: 23kg (50.7lb)

The Focal Sub One is an active subwoofer with two drivers designed to extend low frequency down to 32Hz and reveal crucial low frequency details.

The Focal Sub One features the same Slatefiber cone woofer as other speakers in the Evo range, delivering the same neutral sound and detail. Each driver offers a wide frequency response from 32Hz all the way up to 120Hz.

Each driver offers 200W of total RMS power and includes many controls including low-pass crossover, polarity, phase and volume. A Footswitch output is provided for quickly activating or deactivating the subwoofer.

The Focal Sub One comes with 3-pin XLR inputs and outputs as well as a dedicated Low-Frequency Effect (LFE) input and output for use in surround configurations. Thanks to its neutral shape and build, the Sub One integrates seamlessly in almost any workspace and can be either placed against a wall or under a desk without affecting its performance.

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