Frap Tools BRENSO

Complex analogue oscillator

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a dual complex oscillator styled in the classic Buchla 258 / 259 style.

The Frap Tools Brenso is a dual complex oscillator with a staggering array of modulation capabilities, tuning lock and tonnes of CV connectivity that allow the user to explore a wealth of unique tones and timbres.

The dual oscillator design, with one oscillator modulating the other has been a popular mainstay with additive synthesis for a really long time, providing complex FM timbres, wavefolding and elevating simple inharmonic tones into more complex ones.

Brenso is Frap Tools unique take on this concept, with two analogue oscillators, complex wavefolding capabilities, true thru zero FM, tuning lock and a unbelievable array of CV connectivity.

Brenso has been designed to offer deep sound design capabilities whilst maintaining a simple user interface, the colour coding let's you easily understand what is controlling where, letting you explore its subtleties and complexity without frustration.

The main features of the Frap Tools Brenso include

  • Two analog ‘thru-zero’ triangle-core oscillators
  • Coarse frequency lock function per oscillator
  • Eight waveform outputs, four per oscillator
  • Linear ‘Thru-Zero’ Frequency Modulation (TZFM)
  • 30HP wide
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