Fredenstein F602 Tube Compressor for 500-series

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Valve compressor for the 500-series format using transconductance design and inspired by classic units by Gates, Fairchild and General Electric

The Fredenstein F602 is a valve compressor for the 500-series format for professional recording, mixing and mastering engineers.

The Fredenstein F602 uses a variable transconductance design also known as vari-mu and uses the same 6386LGP remote cut off double triode valve found in classic units by Gates, Fairchild and General Electric. In addition, an extremely short signal path ensures the same smoothness as those classic pieces of vintage gear.

A unique transformer-less input circuit is employed to provide clarity while a Lundahl output transformer adds character. Extreme low output impedance is used with a high current design to allow complex loads to be driven with no sonic compromises. The Fredenstein F602 features a wet and dry control adding further flexibility with parallel compression.

The F602 Tube Compressor features a true hard bypass which also acts as a standby switch ensuring the valve circuit is not being used, prolonging the tube’s life cycle. A Link function lets you link up to ten units together offering a true multi-channel compressor. Controls include Threshold, ration attack, release as well as a knee switch for selecting the behaviour of the compressor. 20dB of make-up gain is included to compensate for the gain reduction process. 

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