Fredenstein F605 Headphone Amplifier

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Headphone Amp module designed to work with Bento chassis

The Fredenstein F605 is a high-perofrmance headphone amp module designed to work with Bento chassis.

The Fredenstein F605 boasts balanced inputs extended signal manipulation such as left and right polarity invert, left and right mono, left and right reversal. Flipping the polarity of one channel and switching the unit to mono will let you head the Side signal in an M/S configuration. It uses low output impedance to connect to headphones ranging from 20Ohms all the way to 600Ohms.

The F605 uses the auxiliary input of the Bento chassis to play the right channel and the main XLR input for the left channel, the F605 allows for stereo operation. Both the Main and Aux outputs can also be used to connect to other equipment such as AD converter, monitor controllers and more.

Fredenstein F605 Headphone Amp Overview:

  • Single-slot stereo module for Bento Chassis
  • Fully balanced internal and external signal path
  • Extensive signal manipulation (L&R reversal, L&R Polarity inversal, L&R mono
  • Mid / Side monitoring
  • Low output impedance to connect headphones from 20 Ohms to 600 Ohms

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