Fredenstein F676 Mono Tube Mic Preamp with DSP

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Half-rack single channel analogue valve mic preamp with DSP

The Fredenstein F676 is a single-channel analogue valve mic preamp with DSP control.

The Fredenstein F676 uses a fully balanced signal path and transformer coupled input and output. The included DSP ensures perfectly smooth working settings at all times by controlling operating points of the valves.

The half-rack mic preamp delivers a very pleasant sound with smooth and lush highs, detailed mid and low frequencies without any harshness. It takes cues from a legendary preamp designed in the early 50’s, the Telefunken V76 and exhibits all the qualities of this classic mic preamp.

Fredenstein F660 Valve Compressor Overview:

  • Frequency Response:   20Hz – 20Khz +- 0.5dB
  • Input Noise: -128dB at +30dB gain
  • Gain Range: 0 dB to +76 dB without Pad +20 db to + 56db with Pad
  • Threshold:-24dBu to + 16.5dBu
  • Mains Voltage 110V to 120V in the 115V range or 220V to 240V in the 230V range
  • Power Consumption: 50W

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