Fredenstein VAS Compressor

Single-channel FET Compressor

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£207.50 ex VAT
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Single-channel FET compressor with side-chain input and Wet/Dry mix for parallel processing and high-performance OPA-2 op-amp

The Fredenstein V.A.S Compressor is a single-channel FET compressor with side-chain input and Wet/Dry mix for parallel processing and high-performance OPA-2 op-amp.

The Fredenstein V.A.S is engineered as a versatile compressor for tracking and mixing and gives all the controls necessary to shape the sound to your needs. It also features a side-chain insert point with switchable filter to fine tune the signal triggering the compressor and a stereo link function when using two units together.

Designed around Fredenstein’s own OPA2 op-amp and steel core output transformer, the V.A.S delivers a rich and musical sound and ultra-low noise. The OPA2 can also be replaced by other op-amps for different tonality (for example the legendary API 2520).

Like other Fredenstein’s units, the V.A.S delivers impressive performance at a surprisingly low price point thanks to a clever FET architecture which offers increased linearity and noise performance. It is also a very flexible compressor that can easily be used for light tracking duty to all out compression mayhem with a ratio ranging from 2:1 to 20:1. Attack time ranges to 0.5ms to 50ms and the release time from 70ms to 2.5s.

Fredenstein V.A.S Compressor Main Features:

  • Single-channel FET compressor with stereo link capability
  • Clear, vibrant, balanced sound from OPA2 discrete op-amp and steel-core output transformer
  • Mix control allows you to blend your source signal for parallel-compression effects
  • Side-chain input with filter allows you to trigger compression from an external signal
  • LED meters display Gain Reduction and Output Level
  • Ratio ranges from 2:1 to 20:1 for everything from subtle smoothing to extreme limiting
  • Attack time ranges from 0.5ms to 50ms
  • Release time ranges from 70ms to 2.5s
  • Hard Bypass completely removes the compressor from your signal chain
  • Perfect for desktop use — can also be mounted in the
  • Fredenstein V.A.S. Rackmount Kit
  • Universal power supply: 90VAC–240VAC, 50Hz–60Hz

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