Fredenstein VAS Pre

Single-channel Desktop Mic Preamp

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Desktop single-channel mic preamp with a built-in headphone amplifier, DI input and insert point.

At a glance

  • Single-channel microphone preamplifier with DI input for electric instruments
  • Clear, vibrant, balanced sound from OPA2 discrete op-amp and steel-core output transformer
  • Insert point allows you to integrate external processors like compressors, EQs, de-essers and effects
  • Impedance switch lowers the input impedance for use with some dynamic/ribbon mics
  • 48V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Pad switch activates a 20dB attenuator at the input stage (does not affect the DI input)
  • Low-cut switch activates a filter centered at 60Hz to remove low-end mud and rumble
  • Output Level control allows you to achieve saturated sounds by increasing input gain while reducing output level
  • Front-panel headphone output with volume control for convenient signal monitoring
  • Perfect for desktop use, can also be mounted in the Fredenstein V.A.S. Rackmount Kit
  • Universal power supply: 90VAC–240VAC, 50Hz–60Hz

The Fredenstein V.A.S. Mic Pre is a desktop single-channel mic preamp with a built-in headphone amplifier, DI input and insert point.

The Fredenstein V.A.S Mic pre uses Fredensteins OPA2 Op-amp combined with an American steel-core output transformer to deliver a smooth vintage tone with no harshness or darkness.

It provides up to 65dB of gain and includes a -20dB Pad, Output level control, switchable polarity, selectable input impedance, switchable low-cut filter and phantom power. By combining the gain and output, users can tailor different tones.

The central metering provides a range of 50dB with a clear eight LED Peak display. Both input and outputs are balanced and available in XLR or TRS connectors. Unbalanced insert points are also provided to connect external processors such as a compressor or EQ.

The V.A.S preamp also features a built-in universal power supply ranging from 90V to 240V, 50-60Hz, meaning that it can be used reliably anywhere in the world.

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