Freqport Freqtube FT-1

Analogue Saturation Plugin

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Analogue Saturation plugin with high-resolution audio support, customisable tactile controls, advanced audio processing hardware, seamless digital workflow integration, and intuitive usage for effective sound shaping and project management.

At a glance

  • Single USB connection for ease of use
  • High-resolution audio support up to 192 kHz
  • Customisable knobs for tactile control
  • Real-time parameter adjustments
  • Seamless integration with digital audio workflows
  • Save and recall settings effortlessly

The Freqport Freqtube FT-1 is an innovative analogue saturation plug-in that integrates real analogue processing within your digital workflow. This product allows users to operate their genuine analogue equipment as software plug-ins. It can control and ensure bit-perfect, high-end audio. Connect the device with a USB cable, power it up, open the interface, and start creating.

Seamless Digital Workflow Integration

Users can enjoy the richness of analogue sound coupled with flawless audio execution. The Freqtube makes recording, playback, and adjusting analogue parameters simple. You can save, store, and recall settings directly inside your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and pick up your project at any point without any complications, as setups remain intact between sessions.

Hands-On Control and Customisation

The tactile experience is enhanced with assignable knobs, allowing for direct and creative interaction with the sound production process. The Freqtube FT-1 connects to a computer via a USB-C port. It features audio converters that are 32-bit and support up to 192 kHz, ensuring high-quality sound. The software installation is straightforward, and the initial setup includes a warm-up display for the E83CC and 12AT7 tubes, ensuring the device is ready for optimal performance.

Advanced Sound Shaping Capabilities

This plug-in controls external analogue filters to shape the sound before the tubes enhance it. Users can adjust various analogue parameters, such as Harmonics and Drive, to alter the signal. An Analog Mix control at the end of the chain allows for fine-tuning of the blend balance. All audio processing is executed in the hardware, easily automated within the DAW, and complemented by multiple displays for effective visual monitoring of adjustments.

Intuitive Design and Usage

The hardware unit features eight plug-in controller knobs on top, each fully customizable per session. A full-colour display shows the mapped parameters and their current values, making it easy to remap knobs as needed. Each plug-in instance can be assigned a colour displayed on the hardware for easy identification, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Distinctive Audio Quality

The FT-1 can produce a range of saturation effects, from subtle enhancements to intense, sharp saturation, without compromising sound quality. It excels at adding presence through overtones, effectively bringing sounds from the back of the mix to the forefront without sounding harsh. The saturation effect provided by the FT-1 is both addictive and musically enriching.

Efficient Project Recalls and Management

Remembering to print tracks before attempting an offline bounce is crucial with hardware analogue inserts like the FT-1, as real-time mixing ensures the integrity of the analogue effects. Settings are saved within the plug-in, making it straightforward to resume work exactly where you left off.

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