Frequency Central Stasis Leak

MU Format Filter

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5U Voltage Controlled Filter and Amplifier based on the Moog Taurus MkI and delivers the rich and thick sound reminiscent of this legendary bass synthesizer.

At a glance

  • 5U Format stereo Chorus / Tap Delay / Plate Reverb
  • Based on the Belton ABE-FX Sub-board
  • Tone Control: Low-pass filter cutting highs.
  • Wet Control adds effected signal to the dry
  • Dry remains at 100%
  • Tap/ Sync In sets delay time manually or over incoming clock

The Frequency Central Stasis Leak is a DSP-based stereo chorus, tap delay and plate reverb for MU modular format.

The Frequency Central Stasis Leak is a 1MU module based around a Belton ABE-FX subboard and operates at 48kHz. Each mode is accessed via a three-way toggle switch. 

The Time and Density controls are mode dependent. The Time knob offering control over the LFO rate, time sub-division, pre-delay depending on whether the Chorus, Tap Delay or Reverb are chosen. The Density controls the depth/repeats/decay depending on the selected chorus/delay/decay modes.

The two following controls provide similar controls for all modes. The Tone control is a low-pass filter, curing the highs in the affected signal. The Wet knob controls the amount of effect signal added to the dry signal. Unlike other modules, the dry always remains at 100% ensuring no loss of definition. For situations where the Dry needs to be removed, such as when used in Send or Return configurations, a Dry Lift jumper can be changed to remove dry signal.

The Delay features an additional two controls, Tap and Sync In which can be used to set the delay time either manually via the Tap button or using an incoming clock.

Left and Right outputs are used in conjunction for full stereo outputs for the chorus and reverb effects. Since the delay is mono, either Left or right inputs can be used.

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