Frequency Central Seismograf BD

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The Frequency Central Seismograph BD is a 5U PIC based drum module loaded with 8 different bass drums for Moog Compatible Modular System (MU). 

 The Frequency Central Seismograph BD includes 10-bit encodings of some favourite bass drums:

  • Sound 1: 808
  • Sound 2: 808
  • Sound 3: 909
  • Sound 4: SDSV
  • Sound 5 : LM1
  • Sound 6 DMX
  • Sound 7: CR78
  • Sound 8 Drumtraks

The three controls include sound selection (Type), Tune and a distortion are all CV controlled responding to 0V to 5V signals.


The knob lets you choose between the eight differents sounds. It can be controlled via the associated CV input in which case the knob becomes an attenuator of the incoming CV signal.


The Seismograph BD lets you tune the recorded sounds downwards and upwards. It can be CV controlled via the Tune CV input in which case the knob works as a CV attenuator.


The Seismograph offers two different distortion types. Turning the control anti-clockwise will engage the clipper circuit. The further away from the centre position you push, the harder the clipping. Turning it clockwise, engages the Bitcrusher and the further away from the centre it is pushed, the more bitcrushed it sounds. 

The Distortion responds to CV signals. When a jack is connected to the CV input, the distortion knob becomes an attenuator for the incoming CV control.

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