Frequency Central Wave Runner LFO

MU format LFO

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MU format LFO

The Frequency Central Wave Runner LFO is a 5U format low frequency oscillator with 8 waveforms and a range of sync and skewing options.

Wave Runner includes 8 waveforms that include saw, ramp, pulse, triangle, sine, noise, sample and hold and a selection of stepped options, for less blasé modulation results. The modules frequency range is ridiculously wide range, going from 0.025Hz all the way into 50Hz audio range.

The module also includes an onboard distortion circuit which lets you bend and mangle the waveform to create less linear and more unpredictable modulations and sounds. This distortion section let’s you effectively crush the waveforms and create new voltages.

Waverunner can effortlessly sync to external sources, with a sync and clock sync input which can be divided or multiplied by the multiply control, giving you ranges from 0.5x up to 4x based on the incoming sync pulse.

All frequency Central modules are lovingly hand-built in the UK and can be wired for both MU and MOTM power, please enquire about your power connection before purchasing. By default modules are supplied with .com power connections.

The main features of the Frequency Central Wave Runner LFO include

5u format multi wave LFO

Distortion circuit for mangling voltages

Pulse sync input

Master level CV input

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