Gainlab Audio GLA-TC2 The Dictator Dual Mono

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The Gainlab Audio GLA-TC2 Dictator is a dual-mono version of the highly regarded GLA-TC2 Dictator tube compressor designed primarily for recording and mixing.

The Gainlab Audio GLA-TC2 uses the same vacuum-tube design as its predecessor but uses two independent compressor circuits each with dedicated controls. Each channel uses a pentode tube design with military-grade vacuum tubes (6k4p-EV long-life pentode). 

The GLA-TC2 includes many features that have made the original so popular including its low and high compression modes that control the aggressivity of the compressor by affecting ratio and knee.

Although the channels are independent they can be closely matched thanks to the use of stepped switches. Furthermore, the sidechain can be linked for more stereo coherence. As a result, the GLA-TC2 is a great choice for tracking and mixing independent instruments, but also a powerful mixbus compressor in its own right. If pushed further, it can also be used as a great sounding saturator device to add crisp saturation.

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