Gamechanger Audio Footswitch for Plus Pedal


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Versatile remote foot controller that allows musicians to instantly switch to the WET Only mode, enabling them to create layered ambient sound effects and seamlessly transition back to playing on top. With the added benefit of a DRY OUT output, users can simultaneously access the unaffected signal for enhanced performance control and flexibility.

The Gamechanger Audio Footswitch for Plus Pedal is a special accessory to enhance your musical experience. When connected, the unique WET footswitch is inserted into the DRY output of the Plus Pedal. By engaging the WET ONLY mode, the main output becomes void of any DRY signal, enabling you to unleash a realm of captivating sound effects. This opens up endless possibilities, allowing you to transform your guitar into a mesmerizing organ, a soulful cello, or a dreamy synth pad.

Additionally, the Footswitch features an output jack that offers further flexibility. If you still desire to utilize a second amplifier with the DRY output, connect a standard jack-to-jack cable into the Footswitch. This convenient feature allows you to effortlessly integrate your setup, giving you the freedom to experiment and expand your sonic horizons.

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