Gamechanger Audio Light Pedal Optical Spring Reverb System

Spring Reverb Pedal

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Innovative analogue mono reverb system that features a mechanical spring reverb tank, infrared optical sensor technology for capturing a wider range of reverb textures, six unique reverb effects, an assignable expression pedal input, and a shock sensor designed to minimize noise from mechanical impacts and stage disturbances.

At a glance

  • True analog mono reverb system
  • Incorporates mechanical spring reverb tank
  • Innovative infrared optical sensor technology
  • Six unique reverb effects
  • Assignable expression pedal input
  • Shock sensor to reduce mechanical noise

The Gamechanger Audio Light Pedal redefines traditional spring reverb technology by integrating an innovative infrared optical sensor system and a distinct effects section. This pedal ushers in unprecedented reverb textures previously unachievable with conventional methods. At its core, the Light Pedal utilises a mechanical spring reverb tank, transforming incoming audio signals into mechanical vibrations through an input transducer known as a spring exciter. A corresponding output transducer then reconverts these vibrations into audio signals.

Revolutionary Optical Sensor Technology

Unlike standard spring reverbs that lose much harmonic content due to energy dissipation, the Light Pedal employs multiple sets of infrared optical sensors along the springs. This setup captures a comprehensive range of movements, frequencies, harmonics, overtones, and textures typically lost in mechanical reverberation. By extracting a broader spectrum of analogue reverb sounds, the optical sensor technology of the Light Pedal marks a significant advance over digital algorithms, which, despite their flexibility, fail to replicate the warmth and organic quality of analogue systems.

Enhanced Effects and Control

The Light Pedal stands out with its six unique reverb effects, modulated through the innovative optical sensor system to invigorate the spring tank. Users can adjust each effect using the CTRL knob to tailor the sound to their preferences. Additionally, the GATE knob introduces a dynamic envelope, enabling gated or ducking reverb effects that add rhythmic variance and texture to performances.

Optimised for Live Performance

Designed for robust live performance, the Light Pedal is a true analogue mono reverb system. It incorporates an assignable expression pedal input, typically linked to the FX control knob, and features a cutting-edge shock sensor that effectively eliminates spring noise caused by mechanical impacts or stage disturbances.

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