Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth MKII electro-mechanical desktop synthesizer

Desktop Synthesizer

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Innovative analogue desktop synthesiser with eight responsive motors with four waveforms each converted into sound through infrared laser technology. The synth offers a versatile analogue Multimode filter and allows external effects to be inserted, expanding creative possibilities. It emphasises expressive analogue voices with modulation options through multimode envelopes and assignable Low-Frequency Oscillators. The Motor Synth MkII delivers raw and powerful sounds with a distinctive character. It also excels in performance control with a Cluster function for instant parameter adjustments, a flexible arpeggiator, and a pattern sequencer. The sequencer includes advanced features like ratcheting and micro timing, while the Motion Recorder captures real-time performances. The synth offers extensive connectivity options, including CV and gate inputs, effect send/return connectors, audio input versatility, audio output, MIDI ports, headphone output, and USB MIDI capability. Overall, the Motor Synth MkII caters to professional musicians seeking versatility, expressiveness, and advanced sequencing capabilities in their setups.

At a glance

  • Eight electromotor oscillator system with custom-built brushless DC motors
  • Two fully independent MOTOR Voices with Separate Amp Envelope, Pitch Envelope and Analog multi-mode Filters
  • Additional third DIGITAL VOICE (DCO) with full functionality
  • Powerful Modulation section with assignable mod destinations;
  • Built-in performance interface with ARP, SEQUENCER and MOTION REC Engines;
  • MIDI & CV control

The Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth MkII is a cutting-edge analogue desktop synthesiser renowned for its exceptional oscillator design. It employs a configuration of eight highly responsive motors, each equipped with four distinct waveforms. The precision of the infrared laser facilitates the conversion and translation of these discs into sound.

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth II Desktop Synth

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth MKII Overview

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth II Voices

The oscillator signal then travels through an analogue Multimode filter, offering a versatile selection of filtering options, including 24dB LP, 12dB BP, 12dB HP, and 24dB AP (All Pass). Unlike most synthesisers, where the VCA (Voltage-Controlled Amplifier) serves as the final stage in the signal path, the Motor Synth MkII provides a unique feature. It allows for the insertion of external effect devices via an FX insert, either before the filter or after the VCA, thereby expanding its creative possibilities.

The Motor Synth MkII emphasises the expressive capabilities of its analogue voices. A large display interface facilitates easy access to the digital voice. The digital voice can also function as a noise generator.

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth II Modulation

Modulation within each voice is achieved by implementing two multimode envelopes, primarily connected to the Voltage-Controlled Filter (VCF) and Voltage-Controlled Amplifier (VCA). Three assignable Low-Frequency Oscillators (LFOs) are provided to enable swift and profound sound transformations, offering a wide range of subtle and dramatic modulation options.

Sonically, the Motor Synth MkII excels in delivering raw, penetrating sounds with remarkable clarity and power. As the only synthesiser on the market to use motor oscillators, its sonic character and tonal output are inherently distinctive compared to conventional synthesisers built with integrated circuits (ICs) or transistors.

Enhanced Performance Control: Sequencer, Arpeggiator, and Cluster

The Motor Synth MkII by Gamechanger Audio caters to professional musicians with its comprehensive performance-oriented playback functions. The synth's lower section features include the Cluster function, scene memory, flexible arpeggiator, and pattern sequencer.

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth II SequencerThe Cluster function serves as a scene memory, allowing users to modify assigned parameters with a single button press instantly. For example, it enables on-the-fly adjustments such as halving the resonance, maximising the filter envelope, and changing waveforms, among seven other customisable variants. The Cluster's versatility empowers performers to access different sonic configurations quickly during live performances.

The arpeggiator in the Motor Synth MkII offers extensive customisation options, surpassing traditional up/down patterns. Users can finely adjust its parameters, enabling the creation of intricate and unique arpeggiations that go beyond standard patterns. The flexibility offered opens up creative possibilities, adding depth and complexity to musical compositions.

In addition to the arpeggiator, the Motor Synth MkII features a pattern sequencer, allowing users to record melodies and basslines internally. The built-in sequencer supports advanced functionalities such as ratcheting (repeating notes within a step), micro timing (subtle timing adjustments), probability (randomised note triggering), and step repeat (repeating steps). These capabilities enable musicians to craft intricate and dynamic sequences with precision and spontaneity.

Enhancing the sequencing capabilities, the Motor Synth MkII incorporates the Motion Recorder. This powerful feature enables the real-time recording of up to eight parameters, capturing the nuances of a performance. It even allows for changes in the playback tempo based on controller movements, adding further expressive control and experimentation possibilities.

Overall, the Motor Synth MkII's performance-oriented features, including the Cluster function, flexible arpeggiator, pattern sequencer, and Motion Recorder, are designed to meet the demands of professional musicians seeking versatility, expressiveness, and advanced sequencing capabilities.


The Motor Synth MkII boasts a highly versatile rear panel, offering extensive connectivity options for various setups. It is ideal for knowledgeable musicians seeking flexibility and integration into their existing systems.

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth II Connectors

The rear panel of the Motor Synth MkII is equipped with three CV and gate inputs for each of the two analogue voices, as well as the digital voice. These inputs enable seamless control of the synth voices through external devices like Eurorack modular systems or analogue sequencers. This integration expands the sonic possibilities and facilitates integration within larger modular setups.

Rather than incorporating an internal effect processor, the Motor Synth MkII provides dedicated effect send/return connectors for each analogue voice. These connectors utilise 3.5mm stereo jacks, allowing direct assignment of the desired chorus and delay effects to the individual voices. This design choice grants musicians greater flexibility and control over their desired sound processing chain.

The audio input on the Motor Synth MkII serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it enables the routing of external signals through the digital vocoder or filters, enriching the sonic palette with external audio sources. The audio input can also be utilised for gate and sidechain experiments, offering further creative rhythmic and dynamic manipulation possibilities.

To ensure convenient connectivity, the Motor Synth MkII provides a mono audio output, MIDI In and Out ports, a headphone output, and USB MIDI capability. The mono audio output delivers the final mixed signal to external audio devices or recording equipment. The MIDI ports facilitate integration with other MIDI-compatible instruments and equipment, enabling seamless communication and synchronisation. 

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth II Lights

The headphone output allows for private and direct monitoring during live performances or studio sessions. Furthermore, the USB MIDI connectivity ensures effortless integration with computers and digital audio workstations (DAWs), streamlining the workflow and enabling easy control and recording capabilities.

With its comprehensive range of connectors, the Motor Synth MkII offers remarkable flexibility, catering to the needs of musicians who demand versatile integration options and expanded creative potential. Whether it's CV and gate inputs, effect send/return connectors, audio input versatility, or standard connectivity options like audio output, MIDI ports, headphone output, and USB MIDI, the Motor Synth MkII is designed to integrate into diverse setups and workflows seamlessly.


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