Gamechanger Audio Plasma Drive Eurorack Module

Eurorack adaptation of Gamechangers Plasma Drive

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A unique high voltage distortion module

The Gamechanger Plasma Eurorack is a modular adaptation of their Plasma Drive Pedal, a unique distortion unit which converts your source audio singnals into a series high voltage discharges, for an obsurd, raw distortion unlike anything else.

To bring this unique distortion module to market, Gamchanger enlisted the help of renowned eurorack modular builders Erica Synths. This coupling of minds led to the design and development of a modular version of the already popular Plasma Pedal.

What sets the module variety apart from its peers is it's CV connectivity and added features, allowing for CV control over the wet to dry ration of the distortion, the module version also include two tracking oscillators, which can be switched in and out using a gate signal, perfect for fattening up an otherwise thinner sounding patch.

The Plasma Drive is a seriously unique, interesting and inspiring distortion, with it's modular brethren offering a foray of new features not seen in modular before.

The main features of the Gamechanger Audio Plasma Eurorack include

  • High gain distortion module
  • Developed in partnership with Erica Synths
  • 16HP wide
  • Requires 250mA 
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