Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal

High voltage distortion pedal

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Transforms your instrument signals into high voltage discharges

The Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal is a unique overdrive pedal that uses a previously unheard of method of clipping a source audio signal; instead of using valves, LED's or other usual methods, the GCA Plasma Pedal converts your audio single into a series of of high voltages, which charge a Xenon tube.

This method of creating distortion not only looks rather cool, but it also creates a super diverse array frequency artefacts, with an overall response that isn't really like anything else you've heard before, from harsh walls of noise, through to smoother, fatter tones with complex character and tonality.

On the front of the pedal you have a wet and dry ratio / blend control, a voltage control which varies the amount of voltage in the signal and the resulting distortion intensity, a high frequency gain control, a low frequency gain control and a master volume knob.

With careful adjustment, the Plasma Pedal can be used to obtain a wealth of rich lead tones, with evolving timbral complexity, or as a means to enhance staccato rhythm pieces with some bite and depth.

An incredibly versatile distortion, from the company who continually like up to their namesake.

The main features of the Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal include:

  • High voltage based clipping and distortion pedal
  • Turns audio into voltage, which charges a xenon tube
  • Cluster of front panel controls for superb versatility
  • Blend control for building complex tones
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