Gamechanger Audio Plasma Rack

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This unique take on distortion also includes the benefit of a natural noise gate as in-between notes or humming doesn’t produce a signal loud enough to trigger the discharge. The Plasma Rack also includes a Clean gate function which also applies this noise gating to the clean signal. Control of the gate is affected by the amount of voltage creating some uncommon sounds.

The Plasma rack also includes a three-band EQ, an oversaturate function and a tremolo section to further manipulate your sound. The latter has a dynamic function which lets you assign the tremolo to the transient part of the sound or with a negative depth to the sustain.

This unit is by no mean a subtle tone enhancer but will create extreme textures and other-worldly sound design capabilities in a way that is fun and engaging. All the controls are accessible via MIDI while a MIDI send function lets you send MIDI from the Plasma Rack to other MIDI devices.

Gamechanger Audio Plasma Rack Main Features:

  • 1U FX processor from Gamechanger
  • Built on the bones of the award-winning Plasma Pedal
  • Enhanced features and enlarged tube structure
  • Versatile exciter/destructor for any studio source
  • Passes audio through a beam of electricity in a sealed vacuum tube
  • Creates vocal-like leads to hard-gated fuzz
  • Provides real-time visual feedback of incoming signals
  • 3 bands of studio-grade analogue EQ
  • Tri-mode tremolo with classic, dynamic (ducking), and out-of-phase modes
  • Oversaturate adds additional harmonics to incoming sources
  • Sustain adds note length
  • Clean Gate provides tube gating without saturation
  • MIDI CC control over all parameters
  • 8 preset slots for total recall
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