Gamechanger Audio Plus Pedal

Sample and Sustain Pedal

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At a glance

  • Sample, sustain and layer any melodic sounds
  • Compose “impossible” song arrangements using just one instrument
  • Create soundscapes and ambience without DAWs or multi-effect setups
  • Transform chords into synth-like pads and beautiful textures
  • Get inspired for songwriting and composition on the go

The Gamechanger Audio Footswitch for Plus Pedal is a truly unique solution for the modern singer-songwriter, offering an innovative approach to the traditional sustain pedal concept. With enhanced control and customization capabilities, this pedal is a revelation, pushing the boundaries of creative possibilities.

By incorporating the functionality of a piano sustain pedal and expanding upon it, the Plus Pedal allows you to selectively sustain specific notes and chords while you play, effectively creating a dynamic pad. Once the pedal is pressed and held, it generates a soft pad effect by sustaining the trailing end of the notes, exclusively focusing on the notes that were played at the moment of activation.

The Plus Pedal goes beyond the limitations of a conventional mechanical sustain pedal found on a piano. It offers four distinct controls that empower you to finely adjust your sustain:

  1. Blend: The Blend control enables you to finely adjust the volume level of the sustained notes in relation to the rest of your performance. This allows you to achieve the desired balance between the sustained and non-sustained portions of your playing.

  2. Tail: With the Tail control, you can determine the duration for which the notes continue to sustain once the pedal is released. Set it to instant cutoff for quick and snappy control or allow the notes to ring out, creating layered textures that contribute to a rich sonic wall of sound.

  3. Rise: The Rise control governs the attack of the sustained signal, determining how quickly the wet signal fades in. This parameter allows you to shape the onset of the sustained notes, adding further depth and expressiveness to your performance.

  4. Sustain: The Sustain control lets you adjust the length of the sustain, offering a range from the natural sustain of a vibrating string to an infinite sustain effect that persists as long as the pedal is held down.

In addition to these features, the Plus Pedal incorporates an effects loop with a dry/wet toggle switch, allowing you to experiment with other effects and tailor their interaction with the wet or dry channels separately. Furthermore, the pedal includes two outputs, enabling you to send the dry signal to a separate amplifier from the wet signal, granting you precise control over the onstage effect you're creating.

For even more versatility, the optional extra 'Wet' pedal allows you to completely toggle off the dry signal, transforming your guitar into a string or organ-like pad. The creative possibilities with the Plus Pedal are limitless, offering you the freedom to craft unique musical textures and atmospheres.

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