GB Acoustics PET Gobo 3 Panel - Grey

Free Standing Acoustic Panel

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3-panel free-standing portable acoustic screens for voiceover or vocal recordings

At a glance

  • Lightweight and therefore easily moved around the classroom, office or studio.
  • They absorb sound equally from both sides of the screen, therefore, achieving an overall NRC rating of nearly 1.3 and absorbing a wide range of frequencies right down to 125 Hz.
  • Our screens also have a beneficial impact on the acoustics of the whole room. Even a small number will vastly improve the overall acoustics and noise control of your space.
  • Notes and Copy can be pinned/tacked to the screens, making them ideal for voiceover, vocals and podcasting
  • There is no gap under the panels - this is critical when designing a quiet space or recording environment.
  • They can be quickly folded away and stored when not in use.

The GB Acoustics PET Gobo 3 is a 3-panel free-standing portable acoustic screens for voiceover or vocal recordings.

The GB Acoustics PET Gobo 3 provides great isolation from ambient noise allowing to records clean vocals in less than ideal environments. The recycled PET fibre material employed provides absorption on both sides resulting in a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 1.3 and providing absorption across a wide frequency range all the way down to 125Hz.

The PET Gobo 3 is lightweight and easy to move around and folded for convenient storage when not in use. Highly modular, Additional panels can easily be added at a later date if required. During recording sessions, notes and copy can be pinned or tacked to the screens, ideal for reading a script or lyrics.

Panels are made of a minimum 75% recycled polyester fibre and contaminated panels can be recycled. Furthermore, all off-cuts and manufacturing waste is re-used or recycled wherever possible ensuring high sustainability throughout the cycle of the panel. It has a Class B fire rating.

Grey finish- black available on request

Dimensions - 1900x1800mm (Width 600mm per panel leaf)

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