Geithain RL934K (Pair) Black Ash

Active studio monitor with cardioid polar pattern and true coaxial design

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Nearfield active studio monitor with extended bass range, higher power rating and unique cardioid bass polar pattern

The Geithain RL 934K is a nearfield active studio monitor with extended bass range, higher power rating and unique cardioid bass polar pattern. It is designed to work in small working spaces such as project studios and broadcasting vans.

The Geithain RL 934K has been optimised for nearfield application with a short listening range between one and 2.6 metres. It uses a bass driver with a cardioid radiation between 35Hz and 250Hz minimising reflections from the back wall. It also boasts filters to further tweak the response to the room.

The bass driver has a 10” long-throw driver housed in a cardioid cabinet while both the 4” midrange cone and 0.75” dome tweeter are mounted coaxially in front of the bass woofer for improved directivity. This results in a realistic stereo image with very little colouration and a high degree of consistency. It provides extremely low distortion even at high levels for fatigue-free monitoring.

The RL934K is powered by a three-channel MOSFET power amplifier with crossover and is hinged for easy servicing. A LED shows when the output level has been reached. If the maximum level is crossed, the amplifier will reduce the output level by 20dB to avoid overloading components.

Getihain RL 934K Main Features:

  • General:active three-way monitor for use in small audio-,video production studios and broadcast vans

  • Maximum SPL from 100 Hz ... 6kHz:110 dB ... 113 dB / r =1m ( 3.3 ft )

  • Bandwidth:30 Hz...20 kHz ±3 dB

  • Calibration: Acoustic output level / PE = -14dBu:89 dB / r =1m ( 3.3 ft )

  • Total harmonic distortion measured at 96 dB, r=1m ( 3.3 ft ), from 80 Hz ... 10kHz:<-40 dB

  • Electronic Crossover frequencies:800 Hz and 3.8 kHz

  • Woofer: 200mm (10") cone, Mid-range unit: 100mm(4") cone, Tweeter : 19mm (3/4") dome

  • Operation and Clipping indicator:LED on front side

  • Dimensions (H x W x D) RL934K 481 x285 x330 mm ( 18.9 x 11.2 x 13.0 in )

  • RL933K1:398 x254 x245 mm ( 15.6 x 10.0 x 9.6 in )

  • Weight: RL934K: 24 kg ( 52.9 lbs ),

  • Design of the Cabinet:MDF-wood in ash black veneered,different veneers or colors optional

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