Geithain RL921K (Pair) Alternative Veneer

Active 3-way Studio Monitor

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At a glance

  • Inspired by the classic design of the legendary RL901K
  • Ideal for situations where the RL901K's size or short listening distances are impractical
  • Cardioid radiation pattern within the 30-250 Hz frequency range minimizes rear wall reflections
  • Integrated room matching filter for customizing transfer characteristics
  • Optimized total directivity index for short listening distances (2-3 meters)
  • Features a linear 300-mm (12'') long-throw driver in a cardioid cabinet
  • Coaxial mounting of a 100-mm (4'') cone and a 25-mm (1'') dome tweeter for precise directivity control
  • Realistic and consistent spatial sound performance with minimal distortion
  • High diaphragm area for top-level sound quality and minimal distortion
  • Three-channel MOSFET power amplifier with electronic crossover
  • LED indicator signals overload limit and reduces output by 20 dB to protect components
  • Optional Class D amplifiers (RL-Amplifier and RL-Amplifier 2) available
  • Integrated fixing elements in the loudspeaker cabinet for secure installation

The Geithain RL921K Alternative Veneer (Pair) draws inspiration from its legendary predecessor, the enduring and iconic design, the RL901K. It faithfully replicates the visual aesthetics and the exceptional sound characteristics of the RL901K. This makes it the ideal choice when the RL901K's size or requirements for short listening distances make it impractical. The RL921K caters to both professional users and music enthusiasts.

Thanks to its cardioid radiation pattern within the 30 to 250 Hz frequency range, it effectively minimizes reflections on the rear walls of listening spaces. Furthermore, an integrated room matching filter allows for customization of the transfer characteristics to suit the specific acoustic conditions of the room and the setup.

The monitor's total directivity index has been optimized for short listening distances, typically two to three meters (6.6 ft to 9.9 ft). For outstanding impulse fidelity, it employs a highly linear 300-mm (12'') long-throw driver in a cardioid cabinet. The 100-mm (4'') cone and the 25-mm (1'') dome tweeter are coaxially mounted in front of the bass system, enabling precise control of the directivity index. This results in a realistic, consistent spatial sound performance around the listening area, marked by excellent consistency and minimal distortion. With its generous diaphragm area, the RL921K delivers exceptional sound quality while maintaining minimal distortion, making it a reliable and fatigue-free tool for extended studio use.

The speaker features a three-channel MOSFET power amplifier with an electronic crossover integrated into the cabinet's back wall, hinged for ease of servicing. A built-in LED indicator intermittently signals when the overload limit is reached. If the maximum level is surpassed, the output level is automatically reduced by 20 dB to protect the components from overload.

To enhance convenience, a range of special stands and racks are available as accessories, with integrated fixing elements within the loudspeaker cabinet for secure installation.

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