Geithain RL944K Black Ash (Pair)

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The Geithain RL944K is a professional active studio monitor designed especially for small rooms.

The Geithain RL944K uses a unique cardioid dispersion pattern between 35Hz and 250Hz. This unique design reduces the reflection from the back walls behind the speaker.  Extra filter controls help match the acoustical conditions to the room.

The RL944K  is optimised for a listening distance between 1m and 2.60m speaker. Its 8" driver delivers ultra tight low end transient and linear low frequency response. This level of bass response is unheard of for a speaker of that size. In fact the RL44K is in essence a full range speaker and can do without subwoofers in small rooms. The midrange driver and tweeter are mounted together in front of the bass driver. This offers true coaxial performance with a tight and focused perspective.

The drivers are powered by a three channel MOSFET Power amp with integrated crossover. It boasts a LED lighting for overload. When overloaded, the overall volume will be reduced by 20dB to protect components.

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