GIK 6A Alpha Panel (600x1200)

595mm x 1205mm Acoustic Panel

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Attractive plate crafted acoustic panel with 152mm solid rockwool core and mathematically sculpted faceplate

The GIK Acoustic 6A Alpha Panel is an attractive plate crafted acoustic panel designed to combine absorption with diffusion. 

The GIK Acoustic is made of a 152mm of rigid rockwool and a choice of one-dimensional or two-dimensional scattering / diffusion sequences. The rigid rockwool core delivers twice the -lowend absorption that of foam based.  

The attractive panels offer an attractive solution to control mid and high frequencies build up without making the room sound dead. They can be placed on front or back walls as well as on rear side walls of a control room. It also works great in tracking rooms or large places.

The 6A Alpha Panel is made entirely with sustainable products including its core made of 100% recycled materials and without formaldehyde or urea formaldehyde. A choice of fabric and a mathematical sequence faceplate. The mathematical scattering sequence uses slats in a mathematical sequence and provide an even decay time between low to high frequencies.  Furthermore it provides absorption to flatten frequency response.

GIK Acoustic 6A Alpha Panel Main Features:

  • Highly attractive, modern, decorative Alpha Plate available in beech wood veneer, black rigid vinyl, or white rigid vinyl
  • 6A Alpha Panel depth: 152mm sturdy wood frame with rigid rockwool core
  • Rectangle (600mm x 1200mm) Standard weight: 12 kgs
  • NRC = 1.05 (versus foam products where NRC = 0.4)
  • Thin face plate has mathematical sequence of slots for spatial diffusion, but also allow low-frequency waves to pass through to the rockwool panel for low end absorption
  • Rigid rockwool core provides twice the low-end absorption over similar foam-based products
  • Easy to wall mount with sawtooth hanger (included). No glue or destructive adhesive when mounting
  • Available in 9 standard Camira Cara fabric options
  • additional Camira Cara or Camira Lucia fabric choices available
  • Employs ECOSE® technology absorption material.

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