Golden Age Premiere GA-47 mkII

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The Golden Age Premier GA-47 MkII is a meticulously crafted microphone that captures the essence of the revered Neumann U-47. Handmade in small batches, it showcases unparalleled parts and exceptional quality, making it a standout choice for professionals. With its rich tone and nostalgic appeal reminiscent of an era that witnessed crooners, rock and roll, and contemporary chart-toppers, the GA-47 delivers the renowned 47 sound you've expected.

While the vintage originals of the Neumann U-47 are highly sought after, they are scarce and expensive, often requiring meticulous maintenance. As a result, various manufacturers have produced U-47 clones to meet the demand. However, the crucial question isn't whether a clone sounds exactly like a U-47 but whether it offers the classic qualities and advantages of a vintage U-47 in pristine condition.

The Neumann U-47, produced from 1949 to 1965, has aged, resulting in performance variations among vintage units based on their condition. Each clone also possesses its unique sound character. Ultimately, the "right" sound becomes a personal preference, especially regarding microphones.

The Golden Age Premier GA-47 results from extensive real-world testing and meticulous refinement in its MKII version. The microphone embodies a delightful and versatile character that appeals to many users. It excels as a vocal microphone and performs exceptionally well in demanding recording tasks.

Built by hand in small batches by skilled and dedicated artisans, the GA-47 MKII sets itself apart from mass-produced alternatives. It incorporates high-quality components throughout the construction process, ensuring it delivers the classic qualities of a U-47.

The mic body is crafted from brass, while the grille, a critical component influencing sound character, is similar to that of the U-47. The attention to detail in replicating these elements is evident.

The GA-47 MKII features a specially designed capsule that combines the characteristics of vintage K47 and K67-style capsules. This design choice gives the microphone a wide frequency response and high sensitivity, making it an exceptional-sounding microphone. It offers both cardioid and omni-polar patterns, enhancing its versatility.

To ensure consistency between units, rigorous evaluation occurs, with approximately 200 capsules assessed for each production run of 50 GA-47 units. Only 50 capsules that meet strict tolerances are chosen, guaranteeing exceptional quality control.

The GA-47 MKII utilizes a carefully selected NOS Telefunken EF-800 series super low noise pentode tube connected in triode mode, reducing distortion and noise. This modern glass derivative of the VF14M tube used in the vintage U-47 delivers excellent performance.

The output transformer of the GA-47 MKII is meticulously designed with a 6.5:1 dual bobbin transformer by a reputable manufacturer. It faithfully replicates the BV8 transformer in the vintage U-47, utilizing high-quality core materials to ensure optimal performance.

The microphone incorporates high-quality components, such as Ciarit axial capacitors from the United Kingdom, renowned for their delicate, full sound and wide frequency response. MIAL polystyrene film capacitors with low loss are also employed, while ALLEN BRADLEY carbon film resistors from the USA contribute to a vintage and warm sound.

Internally, the electronic circuit of the GA-47 MKII features meticulous point-to-point wiring on an expensive Rogers circuit board. Teflon-insulated, silver-plated copper wire is used for the internal connections, further enhancing signal integrity.

The vintage-style power supply PSU employs a high-power R-style transformer with minimal stray fields and low noise levels. The electrolytic capacitors are of high-quality audio style, and the filament voltage undergoes dual-stage filtering for optimal performance. The high voltage is precisely filtered and stabilized using an ON semiconductor zener diode.

The GA-47 MKII has a specially produced cable featuring 99.99% pure oxygen-free copper, Teflon insulation, tin foil, and a high-density braided kitmesh shield. This meticulously crafted cable ensures an open and smooth sound transmission, complementing the microphone's exceptional performance.

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