Grace Design m905 Analog Silver

Monitor Controller

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The Grace Designs m905 Analog is a product that caters to analogue functionality, omitting the digital section found in the standard m905, including the built-in DAC. However, users have the option to upgrade it to the full m905 specification at a later time if they wish to incorporate the digital features.

This version of the m905, known as the m905 Analog, targets users who already possess DACs, either as stand-alone devices or integrated into their interfaces. The system's configuration remains unchanged, retaining all the exceptional monitoring features. The only differences are the absence of digital inputs and the addition of a second pair of balanced analogue inputs. By offering the m905 Analog, Grace Designs makes world-class performance accessible to a wider range of engineers and recording studios. Moreover, users can easily upgrade the m905 Analog to the Digital version whenever they see fit.

Just like its counterpart, the main unit of the m905 Analog comes in the same rack-mount enclosure and includes the standard, aesthetically pleasing m905 hardware remote. The input side is equipped with two sets of balanced analogue input pairs via XLR connectors, along with an unbalanced stereo pair on RCA jacks.

Regarding sonic performance, the m905 Analog delivers the same exceptional quality as the m905, with the sole difference being the lack of a digital section. There is one additional change: to maintain cost-effectiveness, the hardware remote is accompanied by a 25-foot cable made from CAT5 cabling. Due to this setup, the headphone output on the hardware remote will not function, although the one on the rack unit will remain fully operational. Users have the option to upgrade this cable if necessary.

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