Graham Audio BBC LS5/9 (Pair) Cherry, Oak or Black Grain

2-way passive studio monitor

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Passive 2-way nearfield studio monitor designed to exacting BBC specs

The Graham Audio BBC LS5/9 is an uncompromising two-way passive studio monitor originally designed by the British Broadcasting Corporation’s Research and Development team, around a new 8” woofer developed in-house.

The Graham Audio BBC LS5/9 is a smaller version than the LS5/8 designed to fit smaller studios. it boasts a new bass and mid driver developed in conjunction with Vold Loudspeakers, with a die-cast aluminium frame and huge motor assembly attached to a unique diaphragm made from selected polypropylene. The tweeter is a 34mm soft-dome made by Audax and is protected by a robust metal grille. Both drivers are blended through a crossover network which ensures optimum performance.

The thin-wall cabinet, is the same as originally used by the BBC and is made of 9mm birch plywood with hand-matched veneers. Joints are reinforced with hardwood batons to offer complete air sealing as well as reinforcement for durability. Resonances are removed through the mass-loading of panels providing critical midrange accuracy, while rockwool provides the necessary air damping.

Graham Audio BBC LS5/9 Main Features:

  • Beautifully crafted two-way loudspeaker
  • Incredible mid-range detail and refined high-end
  • Flat, detailed frequency response across the audible frequency spectrum
  • Built under license from the BBC
  • Available in either a cherry (light) or rosewood (dark) finish
  • Dimensions: 28cm by 46cm by 27.5cm (each)
  • Weight: 14kg (each)
  • 5 Year warranty when registered with Graham Audio

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