Great River EQ-1NV

Single-channel EQ

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Desktop single-channel EQ based on the classic 1081-1083 with digital controls., Single Channel EQ.

At a glance

  • One channel
  • Discrete, Class A design
  • Internal low-noise power supply
  • 110 or 220-volt operation
  • Balanced line in, balanced line out
  • Wide range of input sensitivity from +8dbm to -20dbm
  • NV Series microphone preamplifier patch connection
  • 4 bands independently enabled
  • +/-15db boost/cut
  • 3rd order high pass filter
  • Hi and low bands selectable between peaking and shelving
  • Hi-mid and low-mid bands each have 3 selectable Q positions
  • Hardwire bypass of equalizer section
  • 2-year warranty with registration

The Great River EQ-1NV is a desktop single-channel EQ based on the classic 1081-1083 with digital controls.

The Great River EQ-1NV uses newly designed Class-A discrete single-ended amplifiers and a true inductor/capacitor offering superior clarity and dynamic range. 

It also boasts a unique discrete high-current Class-A balanced output stage. A dedicated Great River NV patch loop lets you connect to a Great River mic preamps for increased flexibility for tracking and mixing. A front-panel input select switch provides the option of using the built-in transformer-coupled line input of the patched signal from the NV preamp. The Patch connector places the EQ between the first input stage of the preamp and the output stage and “Big Iron”transformer.

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