Great River MAQ-2NV

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Stereo 4-band mastering EQ inspired by vintage 1081 and 1083 British Class A EQ.

The Great River MAQ-2NV is a stereo 4-band mastering EQ inspired by vintage 1081 and 1083 British Class A EQ.

The Great River MAQ-2NV is based on the highly popular Great River EQ-2NV digitally controlled analogue parametric EQ with mastering-grade appointments. First it includes a newly designed Class-A discrete amplifier with true L/C circuitry, which is designed to add clarity and dynamic range, as well as a new high-current Class, A balanced output stage. 

As a mastering EQ, the MAQ-2NV includes extended low and high frequency ranges and stepped gain controls working at  0.5dB per step up to 3dB and then in 1dB steps up to 8dB. The High-pass filter focuses on removing the extremely low frequencies starting at 15Hz all the way up to 50Hz. Each band includes an independent bypass switch when not in use. Left and Right channels can be bypassed independently while a stereo link button allows for true stereo operation. In this mode the setting of the left channel take over ensuring an identical EQ curve.

 An input sensitivity switch and input selector lets you choose between using the transformer coupled input signal of the MAQ-2NV or a patched signal from another device. 

Great River MAQ-2NV Stereo Mastering EQ Main Features:

  • Stereo, discrete Class A design with LC topology
  • Multiple In/Out connections
  • XLR balanced line in and out
  • 1/4" -10dbV output for 'no-latency' DAW monitoring
  • TRS 1/4" insert patch point
  • Precision gain switches offer complete reset capabilities
  • Link switch allows identical parameters for each channel (set from left channel)
  • Wide range of input sensitivity from +8dbm to -20dbm with selection between line in and insert patch point
  • Simple pushbutton selection between Q positions and peak/shelf
  • 4 bands independently enabled with +/-8db boost/cut
  • Hi and low bands selectable between peaking and shelving
  • Hi-mid and low-mid bands each have 3 selectable Q positions
  • 3rd order selectable frequency highpass filter
  • Hardwire bypass of equalizer section
  • Internal low-noise shielded power supply (externally selectable for 110/220 volt; 50/60Hz)
  • 3 year warranty with registration
  • Two rack space with internal power supply

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