Great River MP-2NV

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£2,000.00 ex VAT
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2 Channel Mic-Pre

2 Channel Mic-Pre

Modern Features

XLR balanced in and out connections

-10dbV output for 'no-latency' DAW monitoring

High-Z input on front panel

Adjustable gain in 5db steps to 60db

Output gain from -25 to +10db; maximum overall gain 70db

Input and output monitor meters on each channel

2 or 3 stages of single ended solid state amplifier gain blocks

Gold plated switching contacts

Front panel polarity, phantom power, input impedance, and output loading switches

High quality, custom wound Sowter transformers

Output transistor and transformer with heavy 70ma Class A bias

Local regulating of each channel

Long service life components

TRS insert patch for compressor or equalizer ahead of the output amplifier

110, 220 volts, either 50 or 60 Hz operation with external switching

2 year warranty with registration

Vintage Sound Benefits

Iron in the signal path for that 'Big Vintage Sound'

'no-latency' output monitoring provides a buffered sound feed to a DAW workstation

High-Z input is ideal to shape the sound for bass, electric guitar, and sound modules

Dual metering provides visual monitoring of gain staging

Ultra quiet noise floor with 'stealth' performance for rich, textured vocal sounds

Enhanced stereo image when using both channels

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