Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave (Desktop)

Desktop Wavetable synthesiser

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24-voice polyphonic, 4-part multi-timbral wavetable synthesiser with three versatile oscillators per voice, custom wavetable creation, dual analogue filters, a comprehensive modulation matrix, and an advanced pattern-based sequencer.

At a glance

  • 24-voice polyphony
  • 4-part multi-timbral capability
  • Three oscillators per voice
  • Custom wavetable creation
  • Dave Rossum-designed 2140 analogue low-pass filter
  • SEM-style state-variable filter
  • 16 assignable modulation slots
  • Pattern-based sequencer

The Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave (Desktop) is a powerhouse wavetable synthesizer with advanced features for professionals.

Polyphony and Multi-Timbral Capability

The 3rd Wave boasts 24-voice polyphony and 4-part multi-timbral capability, providing four independent synthesizers in one. Each of its three oscillators per voice can be a classic PPG-era wavetable, a high-resolution complex wavetable, or an analogue-modelled waveform. Users can create up to 64 custom wavetables using the built-in Wavemaker. With sample-to-wavetable capability, you can instantly connect an audio source to the audio input and generate a wavetable.

Classic Legacy and Modern Sound

Rooted in the classic digital wavetable synths of the past, the 3rd Wave offers a lush, expansive sound with its advanced wavetables and warm, organic-sounding analogue filters. It features a punchy, Dave Rossum-designed 2140 analogue low-pass filter with variable saturation and a second SEM-style state-variable filter (low-pass, high-pass, notch, and band-pass) for extensive tone-sculpting. Running both filters in series creates harmonically complex textures.

Multi-Timbral Power

With 24 voices, the 3rd Wave can handle the most note-intensive performances. Its polyphony supports layering up to four independent parts or split zones, each with a unique sound, sequence, and dual effect. Each stereo part has independent panning, volume, and a dedicated physical output.

Modulation Matrix

The 3rd Wave's modulation matrix is a key feature, offering 16 assignable slots, 12 additional fixed-source slots, 27 sources, and 114 destinations, providing the flexibility of a modular synth. This power extends to each multipart, allowing up to four independent layers of sound, each with its mod matrix.


The 3rd Wave’s sequencer, designed for composers and sound designers, is pattern-based and can sequence notes, songs, and parameter changes. Enter notes and chords in real-time with or without quantisation for maximum groove and effortlessly arrange up to 24 patterns of up to 32 measures into songs.

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