GRP Synthesizer R24 Analogue Step Sequencer

Analogue Step Sequencer

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Sophisticated step sequencer that offers three tracks of CV and Gate control, multiple sequencing adjustments like step reordering and speed variations, integrated clock dividers, MIDI clock compatibility, and straightforward 1/4" CV/Gate connectivity, all housed in a user-friendly interface with high-quality components, making it a flagship model for live sequence manipulation and integration into diverse musical setups.

At a glance

  • Three tracks of CV and Gate control
  • Extensive options for customizing sequences
  • Ideal for controlling both CV/Gate and MIDI-capable instruments
  • Provides a centralized platform for intricate control and timing relationships
  • Integrates seamlessly into various electronic music setups
  • Features complex step order permutations
  • Integrated clock dividers per row
  • Supports MIDI clock synchronization
  • Easy access to 1/4" CV/Gate I/O
  • straightforward /one knob per function interface:
  • Adaptable to Modular compatible housings
  • Equipped with high-quality wooden side panels
  • High-quality potentiometers, switches, and sockets for durability and precise control

The GRP Synthesizer R24 is a powerful CV and gate sequencer that echoes the design ethos of classic Moog sequencers. It is enhanced with modern precision for intricate voltage adjustments and complex rhythmic patterns.

Core Features

The GRP Synthesizer R24 sequencer features three CV and Gate control tracks, each equipped with extensive customisation options. Users can reorder steps, adjust sequence speeds, and implement complex gate ratcheting. The R24 is an ideal hub for CV/Gate and MIDI-capable instruments, fostering a centralised platform for crafting detailed control and timing relationships.

Integration and Usability

The R24 integrates seamlessly into various setups, modular, semi-modular, digital, or other formats. It supports complex step order permutations, integrated clock dividers per row, MIDI clock, and straightforward access to 1/4" CV/Gate I/O, making it a crucial addition to any electronic music setup.

Its straightforward one-knob-per-function interface, devoid of touch displays or submenus, ensures that all controls are always visible and accessible for live sequence manipulation.

Build and Design

Originally designed as a desktop unit, the R24 also adapts to Modular compatible housings. It is equipped with exquisitely crafted wooden side panels and high-quality potentiometers, switches, and sockets, emphasising both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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