H2 Audio Helios 5011 500-Series EQ

500 Series Equalizer

CAP2: 0 £999.00
£832.50 ex VAT
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500 Series version of the legendary Olympic Studios Helios Type-69 EQ

The H2 Audio 5011 is a 500 series EQ and a faithful recreation of the legendary Helios mic pre and EQ found on the Helios console at Olympic studios.

The H2 Audio 5011 is a 3-band EQ with a unique Boost/cut low band and a high-frequency shelf fixed at 10kHz. The Mid band offers a choice of boost or cut with selectable frequencies ranging from 0.7 to 6kHz. The boost or cut is selected via a three-way toggle switch while the amount is controlled via the Mid Gain control.

Furthermore, the 5011 boasts an electronically balanced input and transformer balanced output, similar to the 0011.

The 5011 is a core component to the legendary British sound and has featured on countless classics from the Rolling Stones, PinkFloyd, Led Zeppelin David Bowie and many more.

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