Harrison Audio 48C

Analogue Mixing Console

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Analogue Mixing Console with 48 mono mic/line channels with legendary 32C EQs, 96 channels of AD/DA conversion, Atmos Monitoring, ergonomic design for DAW integration, and high-end components like gold-plated switches and PCB-supported summing buses, offering a modern yet classic recording console for professional studios.

At a glance

  • Classic 32C 4 band EQ with HP and LP filters
  • Transformer balanced Mic preamplifiers
  • Transformer balanced Main Mix output
  • In-line or split recording/monitoring status
  • Balanced Line input, Balanced insert points, Balanced Direct Outputs
  • 100 mm premium faders
  • 8 Multitrack Buses, 4 Aux Sends, Stereo Cue Send
  • 96 channels of premium AD/DA
  • 12 Wide Atmos Monitoring (7.1.4)
  • DAW-compatible frame design
  • Instrument input fed from center section
  • Zero Fader Lock/bypass

The Harrison Audio 48Classic effortlessly merges old-school and cutting-edge recording methods, delivering a multifaceted solution for classic and hybrid studio environments. With 48 mono mic/line channels, this console features the distinguished 32C four-band parametric EQ with adjustable high-pass and low-pass filters. It also incorporates advancements like 96 channels of superior AD/DA conversion, establishing the 48Classic as a foundational element for modern mixing studios and conventional recording settings.

This console has a transformer-coupled mic preamp, highly musical EQs, legendary filters, and first-class circuitry, ensuring trust among audio purists. The 48Classic's advanced design includes gold-plated switches, conductive plastic potentiometers, and PCB-supported summing buses, elevating it to audio perfection. It lays the groundwork for creative expression, enabling producers and engineers to deliver their finest work.

For over five decades, Harrison's production tools have played a pivotal role in creating some of the most celebrated music globally. The 48Classic extends this heritage by integrating the art of analogue console design with the requirements of contemporary studio technology, offering the creative sector the tools needed to produce enduring music. This analogue masterpiece is designed to help you create your magnum opus.


The 48Classic showcases meticulous craftsmanship, featuring double-sided PCBs, a manually optimized PCB layout for superior trace positioning, and a robust ground plane design. Its gold-plated switches, conductive plastic potentiometers, and PCB-routed summing buses move away from traditional ribbon cable summing to deliver unmatched analogue console quality.


Standard with each 48Classic is 48 mono mic/line channels, equipped with high-caliber Harrison mic preamplifiers and the acclaimed 32C four-band parametric EQ with adjustable high and low-pass filters, with customized configurations available upon request.


This console provides broad busing and routing capabilities. Channels can be dispatched to any of the eight Bus master channels in mono and stereo, five Auxiliary buses, or directly to the Main Mix stereo bus through transformers. The 48Classic features an "In-Line" record status mode for direct DAW inputs and a separate "Playback" path for monitoring purposes.


Designed to meet current needs, the 48Classic accommodates Atmos Monitoring, supporting immersive projects in formats up to Atmos 7.1.4 for music.


The 48Classic's structure addresses typical studio ergonomic challenges, featuring a two-tiered front bolster for DAW peripherals and a rear shelf perfect for monitors and speakers, boosting studio comfort and productivity.

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