Harrison Audio 48C with Dante

Analogue Mixing Console

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Advanced analogue mixing console that merges classic craftsmanship with digital connectivity, featuring 48 mono mic/line channels, 96-channel AD/DA conversion, Dante AoIP interface, renowned 32C EQ, Atmos Monitoring, and ergonomic design for comprehensive studio integration and flexibility.

At a glance

  • Classic 32C 4 band EQ with HP and LP filters
  • Transformer balanced Mic preamplifiers
  • Transformer balanced Main Mix output
  • In-line or split recording/monitoring status
  • Balanced Line input, Balanced insert points, Balanced Direct Outputs
  • 100 mm premium faders
  • 8 Multitrack Buses, 4 Aux Sends, Stereo Cue Send
  • 64 channels of premium AD/DA
  • Built-in DANTE AoIP interface (optional extra)
  • 12 Wide Atmos Monitoring (7.1.4)
  • DAW-compatible frame design
  • Instrument input fed from center section
  • Zero Fader Lock/bypass

The Harrison Audio 48 Classic is an advanced analogue mixing desk that combines time-honoured analogue craftsmanship with contemporary digital connectivity, tailored for a broad spectrum of recording and mixing practices within the music production realm. It boasts 48 mono mic/line channels, sophisticated EQ adjustments, premium AD/DA conversion of up to 64 channels, and a Dante AoIP interface, among other top-tier features, making it apt for modern and traditional studio environments.

This console seamlessly bridges traditional and modern recording techniques with its hybrid modular construction and elite components. It includes 48 mono mic/line channels, the distinguished 32C four-band parametric EQ with adjustable filters, along with cutting-edge features like 64-channel high-quality AD/DA conversion and Dante AoIP connectivity, establishing the 48Classic as a foundational piece for both current mix settings and classic recording arrangements.

With its transformer-coupled mic preamps, exceptionally smooth EQs, legendary filtering capabilities, and high-quality circuitry, the console is designed to inspire confidence in audio enthusiasts. It features a comprehensive high-end build with gold-plated switches, conductive plastic potentiometers, and PCB-based summing buses, resulting in a mixing desk that epitomises sonic excellence. The 48Classic not only fuels the creative passions of artists but also enables producers and engineers to achieve unprecedented levels of success.

Leveraging Harrison's fifty-year history of supporting world-renowned artists in producing iconic music, the 48Classic skillfully combines classic analogue aesthetics with the forefront of studio technology, providing musicians, producers, and engineers with the critical tools for crafting lasting music—an analogue gem engineered to create your magnum opus.


The 48Classic shines in design excellence, featuring double-sided PCBs, manual layout for precise trace routing, solid ground plane construction, gold-plated switches, conductive plastic potentiometers, and PCB-routed summing buses, avoiding traditional ribbon cables for optimal analogue performance.


Equipped with 48 mono mic/line channels, the console includes a high-performance Harrison mic preamplifier and the acclaimed 32C four-band parametric EQ with adjustable filters, with tailored configurations available upon request.


The console presents a versatile busing and routing system, enabling channels to connect to 8 bus masters in mono or stereo, any of 5 auxiliary buses, or directly to the main mix stereo bus through transformers. An "In-Line" recording mode integrates flawlessly with DAWs, offering a separate playback path for extensive monitoring solutions. All external connections are efficiently managed via Harrison's comprehensive Dante / AD DA interface, facilitating studio integration.


Tailored for the modern studio, the 48Classic is prepared for Atmos Monitoring and includes DANTE converters, supporting immersive audio projects in formats up to Atmos 7.1.4. Its built-in converters and digital interface promote seamless studio workflows.


Designed to overcome typical studio ergonomic issues, the 48Classic's frame design incorporates a two-tiered front bolster and a spacious rear shelf, offering ample room for DAW peripherals, monitors, and speakers, enhancing studio functionality and user comfort.

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