HEDD TM Extended Set (2 x TM80, 4 xTM36S + accessories) PAIR

Mastering Full-range Active Monitor System

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Modular Main monitoring system designed for mastering and includes two TM80 mains units and two TM36S Subwoofers.

At a glance

  • HEDD Tower Mains deliver a stunning reproduction quality up to very high SPLs.
  • The modular approach allows different setups with one or two closed box subwoofers per channel.
  • The Tower Mains show advantageous directivity patterns to minimise reflections from the ceiling and the ground.

The HEDD Tower Mains Extended is a modular Main monitoring system designed for mastering and includes two TM80 mains units and four TM36S Subwoofers.

The HEDD Tower Mains Extended offers an impressive dynamic response to achieve the highest degree of realism and authenticity. Each of the speaker elements, (Mains and Subs) use closed cabinet designs for ideal transient reproduction.

The TM80 main unit comprises of five divers aligned in a quasi d'Appolito configuration with HEDD's Air Motion Transformer at the Centre. This arrangement provides wide horizontal dispersion but tightly controlled vertical directivity. The TM80 is a 3-way system with each driver powered by a 300W amplifier. Its frequency response ranges from 80Hz all the way up to 50kHz.

The TMS 36 subwoofer comprises four 9” long-throw woofers, two at the front and two at the back, each powered by an ICEpower 1200 AS2 amp module delivering 300W (1200W in total). This provides ample headroom for a superior transient response while the opposing woofers cancel their impact on the enclosure thus avoiding cabinet resonance. The TMS 36 has a frequency response ranging from 20Hz (-3dB) to 80Hz (-6dB). The TMS 36 use Linkwitz Transform to provide optimum low-frequency response to achieve a flat frequency response and perfect transient behaviour down to 20Hz.

The HEDD Tower Mains come in two configurations (standard and extended). The extended tower configuration includes two TM80, four TMS 36 with all the relevant mounts and cables. Other configurations are also possible with soffit mounting or 5.1 configurations.

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