Hendyamps Collins

Multi-stage Saturation Box

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Offers high-voltage MOSFETS, pentode and triode tubes, reverse-wired and power supply choke transformers, Air and Crunch switches for high-frequency boost and variable distortion, along with a Master Trim control for level adjustment, all integrated into a user-friendly design for unparalleled sonic enhancement across any music genre.

At a glance

  • High-voltage MOSFETS for rich tonal quality
  • Pentode tubes (EF806/EF86) for brightness and energy
  • Triode tubes for creamy harmonics and warmth
  • 1:4 step-up transformer, wired in reverse, for tonal compression and refinement
  • Power supply choke transformer with bypass capacitor for clarity and texture
  • Air switch for subtle high-frequency enhancement
  • Crunch switch for variable distortion from light clipping to heavy
  • Master Trim control for final output level adjustment
  • User-friendly design supporting infinite configurational possibilities

The Hendyamps Collins is a Stereo MOSFET, pentode, triode harmonic generator and saturation powerhouse, engineered to breathe life and vigour into music across any source and genre. In the fast-paced world of recording, mixing, and mastering, professionals often grapple with the challenge of imparting a distinctive sonic impact to their tracks without extensive time investment and with easy recall. The Collins positions itself as the quintessential tool to address these challenges, enabling users to enrich tracks, buses, or entire mixes through a versatile blend of transformers, MOSFETs, pentode tubes, and triode tubes.

Core Technologies and Features

High Voltage MOSFETS

At its core, the Collins features a MOSFET stage at nearly 400v, inspired by the Warhol preamp, to deliver a rich and distinctive tonal quality. This stage provides a punchy presence and a denser sonic profile, effortlessly transforming dull tracks into powerful sonic experiences.

Pentode Tubes

The Pentode stage utilises EF806 (EF86) tubes, renowned for their clear articulation and dynamic aggression. This stage infuses tracks and mixes with brightness and raw energy, elevating the overall sonic palette with its enchanting touch.

Triode Tubes

The Triode stage introduces a layer of rich, creamy harmonics, overlaying a smooth and warm texture across the sonic spectrum. Ideal for final mix polish, this stage effectively enhances warmth in the lower mids, masking imperfections and enriching the audio.


Two uniquely chosen transformers further enhance the Collins' capabilities. The first, a 1:4 step-up transformer wired in reverse, offers a unique compression and tonal refinement approach. In contrast, the second, a power supply choke with a bypass capacitor expertly mitigates low-mid muddiness and enriches high frequencies.

Additional Sonic Shaping Tools

The inclusion of an Air switch and a Crunch switch provides further sonic sculpting options, enabling subtle high-frequency enhancement or engaging a diode-based limiting circuit for varying degrees of distortion, all seamlessly integrated with a Trim control for overall level adjustment.

Operational Versatility

The Collins's design ensures a seamless user experience, allowing infinite configurational possibilities while maintaining simplicity in operation. By arranging the two transformers in series and the gain stages in parallel, users can fully engage or bypass each component, fostering an interactive and flexible production environment.

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