Hendy Amps LDC

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The Hendyamp LDC is a large diaphragm condenser microphone featuring a unique combination of a C12 style capsule for broad sonic spectrum and detailed articulation, Warhol preamp circuitry for polished sound capture, a Tone knob for nuanced tonal response control, and a Pad switch to accommodate higher SPLs, making it perfect for a broad range of applications.

Capsule Design

The design incorporates a C12-style capsule renowned for its comprehensive sonic spectrum and precise articulation. This selection empowers the microphone to offer a wide bandwidth, enabling the internal circuitry to amplify and sculpt the sound as desired without compromising on detail.

Circuit Innovation

The microphone utilises the Warhol preamp circuitry, chosen for its high-voltage MOSFET topology's synergy with the capsule. This combination ensures the microphone captures the essence of the source material in a ready-to-use, polished form. The focus lies on adapting and enhancing the original sound rather than imposing the microphone's character onto it.

Tone Adjustment

A highly regarded feature, the Tone knob, allows for nuanced control over the microphone's tonal response. Adjusting this knob can soften the highs and high-mids, with the midpoint setting offering a balanced, 'default' tone.

Pad Switch Functionality

The inclusion of a Pad switch accommodates sources with higher sound pressure levels (SPLs). It subtly modifies the mic's tonal balance, proving invaluable during the tracking of diverse sound sources.

With its versatile Tone control, practical Pad switch, and superior sound quality, the Hendyamp LDC microphone has become the preferred choice for many applications. From vocals and piano to strings, horns, bass, electric guitar, drum overheads, and room mics, this microphone excels across all uses, becoming an indispensable tool in Hendyamps studios for capturing every source.

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