Hendyamps Michelangelo

Analogue Stereo EQ

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Revolutionary EQ with discrete Class A, all-tube, full stereo configuration for audio mastering. It combines a handcrafted, customisable design with intuitive controls and unique features, including versatile band 'Shift' settings, adjustable 'Aggression' for valve saturation, and a 'Vintage' tone switch, all aimed at delivering unparalleled sonic beauty and depth.

At a glance

  • Discrete Class A design for unmatched audio quality
  • All-tube configuration with Jensen transformers for superior warmth and character
  • Full stereo capability enhances the depth and dimension of sound
  • Intuitive control layout encourages a more immersive, auditory-based adjustment process
  • Versatile 'Shift' settings for dynamic band response alteration
  • 'Aggression' control allows for tailored valve saturation levels
  • 'Vintage' switch and HiZ/LoZ impedance options for expanded tonal variety
  • Handcrafted to order, offering a range of customisation options

The Hendyamps Michelangelo is a discrete, Class A, all-tube, full stereo equaliser, which significantly advances professional audio mastering. This innovative EQ, designed with Jensen transformers, sets a new standard for sound quality and flexibility in the mastering chain. Its distinctive approach to equalisation, favouring broad, intuitive adjustments over granular precision, offers audio professionals a unique tool for sonic enhancement.

Innovative Design and Intuitive Use

With its focus on superior sonic character, the Michelangelo defies conventional design norms by eschewing detailed frequency and bandwidth labels on its front panel. Instead, it opts for intuitive controls such as a 'Low Shift 80Hz-150Hz' switch and six chicken-head rotary knobs (Aggression, Low, Mid, High, Air, and Trim), encouraging users to rely on their ears rather than visual cues. This design philosophy enhances the user's connection with the equipment and fosters a deeper understanding and exploration of sonic possibilities.

Adaptability and Unique Features

The Michelangelo's adaptable nature is evident in its versatile band settings and the 'Shift' functionality for each band, allowing for dynamic sound sculpting across a wide spectrum. Additional features such as the 'Aggression' control for adjustable valve saturation, a 'Vintage' switch for tonal variations, and HiZ/LoZ impedance switching further extend its utility, making it an indispensable asset for mastering engineers seeking to imbue their projects with a distinctive harmonic colour and texture.

Handcrafted Excellence

Each Michelangelo unit is handcrafted to order by Chris Hendy, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and quality. Available in various colour combinations and configurations, it caters to professional studios' aesthetic and functional preferences. This bespoke manufacturing process guarantees that each Michelangelo EQ is as unique as the soundscapes it helps create.

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