Hendy Amps Nuclear Unicorn

Solid-state mic preamp and distortion

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Single-channel solid-state design with dual gain stages inspired by Warhol topology for extensive tonal shaping, full control over gain in four stages for nuanced sound modification, comprehensive colouring options available at all times for creative flexibility, and includes features such as PAD, Megaton Increase, Shock Wave, Rainbow Crush, Mass Destruction, Tactical Modes, More Mass Destruction, Sum of All Fears, Fallout, Gamma Burst, Unicorn Sparkle, and 48v phantom power, all in one unit designed to elevate any sound with minimal effort.

The Hendyamps Unicorn emerges as a premier single-channel solid-state mic preamp and distortion unit, achieving the elusive balance between pristine clarity and intense distortion within a singular, formidable package. This device stands out for its innovative design, promising an unmatched spectrum of sonic possibilities, from the cleanest of tones to the most aggressive distortion.

Design and Functionality

Drawing inspiration from the Warhol topology yet doubling the gain stages, the Hendyamps Unicorn offers unparalleled richness and responsiveness. The device allows for precise control over four distinct gain stages, enabling users to significantly sculpt the tonal response of any microphone or DI source. This control, coupled with the availability of all colouring options at any time, presents many sonic textures.


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