Hendyamps Pollock

Stereo Optical Compressor

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State-of-the-art stereo compressor featuring an all-tube signal chain, transformers on input and output, stereo controls, a large VU meter, true bypass switches, calibration controls for both channels and makeup gain. It offers unparalleled versatility and can modify compression characteristics, tone, and side chain effects, making it a superior choice for professional audio engineering and mastering applications.

At a glance

  • Multifaceted operation with the ability to act as 18 compressors in one
  • All-tube signal chain with 12AX7 tubes
  • Transformers on input and output
  • Stereo controls with a prominent VU meter
  • True bypass switches for uncoloured signal bypass
  • Left and Right Calibration controls with makeup gain
  • AGGRESSION switch for altering compression characteristics
  • STYLE control for tonal adjustments and side chain alterations
  • COLOR control for targeted compression application
  • Innovative WET/DRY knob for dynamic compression intensity
  • Tube-based gain makeup stage
  • Straightforward single-control compression adjustment
  • VU meter for general compression reference

The Hendyamps Pollock is a multifaceted stereo-optical compressor, combining the characteristics of 18 compressors into one unit. This compressor boasts an all-tube signal chain with 12AX7 tubes and transformers on both input and output, features stereo controls and a prominent VU meter. Its design and functionality set it apart from any other optical compressor available.

Versatility and Control

The Pollock excels in versatility, offering multiple modes of operation. Users can tweak compression, side chain, and box tone, enabling a broad spectrum of sound characteristics. Additionally, it incorporates true bypass switches, ensuring the integrity of the bypassed signal without colouration. Calibration controls for left and right channels and makeup gain enhance its adaptability.


The AGGRESSION switch allows users to modify the compressor's behaviour, transitioning between a quick, bold response and a subtle, smooth operation. Unlike traditional optical compressors, Pollock's Smooth mode offers an almost invisible compression effect, automatically adjusting to the source material.

The STYLE control changes the compressor's tone, serving dual purposes as a line enhancement box. It adjusts the side chain's frequency response, enabling tailored compression triggers based on the selected tone. This feature enriches the unit's functionality, making it suitable even when compression is not required.

COLOR Control and Innovative Compression Application

Moreover, the COLOR control fine-tunes how compression applies to the signal, offering settings that target the full range, upper mids, and highs or exclusively the highs for precise de-essing in mixing and mastering contexts.

Unique to the Pollock is the WET/DRY knob, which allows for innovative compression application. This control limits compression intensity past a certain threshold, offering dynamic adjustment of the release speed according to the signal level. This innovative approach enables precise and inspiring compression settings.

Comprehensive Features

Finally, the unit includes a gain makeup stage entirely based on tubes and a straightforward compression control for increasing compression intensity.

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