Hendyamps Rothko

Stereo Analogue EQ and Compressor

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The Hendyamps Rothko merges the artistry of Michelangelo and Pollock with modern audio engineering, offering professionals an unmatched tool for audio manipulation. Its comprehensive features ensure versatility and precision in sound shaping, making it a standout addition to any studio setup.

At a glance

  • Streamlined CALIBRATION and AGGRESSION controls for precise input and tone manipulation
  • Dynamic LOW, MID, and HIGH EQ adjustments for enhanced harmonic content
  • AIR control for ultra-high frequency boost
  • Frequency targeting with LOW SHIFT, MID SHIFT, and HIGH SHIFT
  • Optical compression with innovative WET control for musical dynamic adjustments
  • XL version offers 1/3 gain range, sidechain adjustment, compression range selection, and output stage boost

The Hendyamps Rothko epitomises the innovative fusion of artistic brilliance and cutting-edge technology, encapsulating the essence of both Michelangelo and Pollock within its compact design. Designed for the discerning professional, this 1U rack unit, available in a standard version and an XL variant featuring a tube output, employs exotic high-voltage Mosfets to deliver a unique sound experience. The Rothko redefines expectations, blending classic inspiration with modern sophistication to offer unparalleled audio manipulation.

Streamlined Control for Precision and Versatility

Integrating CALIBRATION and AGGRESSION controls in the Rothko offers a streamlined approach to manipulating input levels and tone. This design choice allows users to drive the circuit precisely, from subtle nuances to aggressive tonal shifts, thus enhancing workflow efficiency. Engineers can quickly adapt the unit to their needs, making it an invaluable tool for live and studio environments.

Enhancing Harmonic Content with Dynamic EQ Bands

Rothko's LOW, MID, and HIGH frequency adjustments do more than just traditional EQ shaping; they add a layer of dynamic harmonic content as the settings increase. The MID control spans a vast spectrum, offering extensive versatility, while the LOW and HIGH adjustments provide focused control for detailed sound sculpting. This feature set ensures that users can achieve both broad strokes and fine details in their audio output.

Crisp Highs with the AIR Control

The AIR control on the Rothko is designed to enhance ultra-high frequencies, adding a crisp, ethereal quality to the audio. This control is particularly favoured by engineers looking to inject a sense of airiness and space into their mixes, making it an essential feature for adding the finishing touches to any project.

Precise Frequency Targeting for Tailored Sound

The Rothko includes LOW SHIFT, MID SHIFT, and HIGH SHIFT selectors, enabling precise targeting of specific frequency ranges. These features allow users to customise the response of the low, mid, and high EQ bands, ensuring they can sculpt the perfect sound for any application. Whether adjusting for room acoustics or creative effects, these controls provide unparalleled flexibility.

Optical Compression for Musical Dynamics

Featuring an optical compression circuit inspired by Pollock, Rothko's COMP control ranges from subtle nuances to pronounced effects. This unique compression style is designed for musical dynamic adjustments, offering an invisible style of compression that can also be quite colourful and grabby when desired. Including a WET control allows users to set the compression threshold, ensuring dynamic consistency and musicality.

XL Version Enhancements for Mastering Precision

For professionals seeking even greater control, the Rothko XL version introduces enhancements such as a 1/3 gain range option, sidechain adjustment, compression range selection, and an output stage boost. These features extend the unit's versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from mastering to mixing and tracking.

In conclusion, the Hendyamps Rothko is a masterpiece of audio engineering, offering a rich palette of sound-shaping possibilities. Its innovative controls, dynamic EQ adjustments, and musical compression make it a must-have for professionals looking to push the boundaries of audio production.

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