Hendyamps Rothko-XL

Stereo Analogue EQ and Compressor

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The Hendyamps Rothko XL is an innovative stereo EQ and compressor, drawing inspiration from Michelangelo's artistic prowess and Pollock's dynamic expressionism. This device is encased in a compact 1U rack unit, energised by high-voltage Mosfets. The XL variant features an additional tube output for enhanced sonic warmth.

Innovative Controls for Unparalleled Versatility

The Rothko XL introduces a unique control layout that combines Calibration and Aggression, enabling precise manipulation of input levels and tone. This dual functionality allows engineers to adjust the circuit's response from gentle to intense, tailoring the sound to their liking and streamlining the creative process. The EQ section, consisting of Low, Mid, and High controls, is designed to add dynamic, harmonic content as the EQ settings increase, with the Mid control spanning a broad spectrum and the Low and High focusing on more specific frequency ranges. The Air control accentuates ultra-high frequencies, often becoming a favoured feature for its clarity and openness. Additionally, the Low Shift, Mid Shift, and High Shift options provide further tonal flexibility by altering the frequency response targets of the EQ bands.

Advanced Compression Features for Masterful Dynamics

Inspired by Pollock's optical approach, the Rothko XL's compression circuit offers a non-traditional, rapid response that can be both subtle and distinctly pronounced. The Comp control adjusts the overall compression amount, introducing a unique optical style that is fast and can be tuned for a more transparent or highly colourful compression effect. The Wet control redefines compression application, limiting the maximum amount of compression achievable, thus ensuring dynamic consistency and adaptability to the music. The Comp Style switch allows for a transition between Smooth and Aggressive compression modes, catering to many sonic preferences.

Exclusive XL Version Enhancements

Exclusive to the XL version are several advanced features that elevate its functionality. The Sidechain switch excludes low frequencies from activating the compressor, ensuring that the compression is triggered more effectively by mid to high frequencies. The ability to focus compression on frequencies above 10kHz allows for precise control over the compression of high-frequency content. Additionally, input and output boost switches are designed to drive the Rothko's front end and the tube output stage more intensely for added tonal variety.

The Hendyamps Rothko XL embodies the genius of Michelangelo and Pollock in a single unit and represents a revolutionary approach to EQ and compression, offering unparalleled flexibility and creative potential for audio professionals. Calibration and Aggression controls merge to simplify input level and tone adjustments. Low, Mid, and High EQ controls introduce dynamic harmonic content. Air control for boosting ultra-high frequencies. Low Shift, Mid Shift, and High Shift for targeted frequency adjustment. Optical compression with a fast, adaptable response. Wet control for dynamic compression application. Comp Style switch for Smooth or Aggressive compression modes. XL's exclusive features include a Sidechain switch, focus on 10kHz+ compression, and input/output boost switches, enhancing the device's versatility and appeal to audio engineers seeking precision and innovation in their work.

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