Hendyamps Stove

Stereo saturation box and EQ

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Innovative stereo saturation box and EQ, offering a unique blend of warmth, depth, color, and versatility through features like bypass switches, Flow and Calibration controls, Simmer and Flame adjustments for nuanced saturation, Neutral/Enriched and Elec/Oil/Gas switches for tonal voicing, Burners and Saute control for targeted enhancements, alongside the Bunsen, Ashes, and Induction features for creative tonal shaping and lo-fi textures.

At a glance

  • Enhances tracks with a wide range of tonal enhancements from warmth to aggressive saturation.
  • Not a standard EQ: Offers extensive tonal shaping options for classy sound enhancement.
  • Seamlessly integrates with The Oven, offering complementary tonal possibilities.
  • Features Bypass, Flow control, and Calibration for precise sound adjustments.
  • Simmer Control Knob and Flame control for innovative saturation effects.
  • Offers versatile tone voicing and targeted saturation with Burners and Saute control.
  • Unique features like Bunsen, Ashes switches, and the Induction mode expand creative options.

The Hendyamps Stove is a unique saturation and EQ tool, following the legacy of its predecessor, The Oven. Its distinct characteristics and additional functionalities stand out, offering a unique blend of vibes and mojo to elevate your tracks significantly.

The Stove is engineered through the synergy of Maor Appelbaum, a globally acclaimed mastering engineer, and Hendyamps' profound expertise in crafting some of the most innovative analogue hardware processors. This collaboration heralds the birth of an extraordinarily versatile and top-tier tool specifically crafted for composers, producers, engineers, mixers, and mastering engineers eager to explore novel auditory landscapes.

Elevating Tracks with Unmatched Versatility

The Hendyamps Stove is no ordinary equipment; it transcends the conventional boundaries of EQs, offering extensive tone-shaping capabilities. Its ability to imbue tracks with warmth, size, depth, mojo, vibe, colour, saturation, and sizzle caters to a broad spectrum of sonic enhancements, from subtle HiFi polish to boldly saturated, aggressive textures. This transformative tool stands poised to elevate any track, ensuring a significant enhancement that remains profound and tastefully executed.

Sophisticated Design Meets Innovative Functionality

Crafted as complementary to The Oven, the Stove showcases a distinct, tight, and musically inclined saturation paired with an EQ that shines both as a standalone unit and alongside its sibling. It harmoniously blends with The Oven, providing an integrated solution for achieving the perfect balance of tonal richness and saturation.

Central to the Stove's design are its meticulously crafted control features. The bypass switches enable true A/B comparisons, allowing for precise assessments of the audio enhancements made. The Flow control adjusts the unit's output volume and tonal impact, directly influencing the audio's overall character. Furthermore, the Left and Right Calibration features present an innovative approach to gain matching, ensuring balanced stereo output while also offering a creative means to adjust the unit's tonal response.

A New Dimension of Tone Shaping

The introduction of the Simmer Control Knob and the accompanying Range switch unlocks a new realm of drive and saturation manipulation. These controls permit an unprecedented level of adjustment, from gentle nudges to significant shifts in tone, empowering users to find the perfect saturation level for any track. Similarly, the Flame control adds a layer of sophistication by integrating a triode tube stage into the circuit, offering a clear, tight saturation that enhances the audio without overwhelming it.

The Neutral/Enriched switch and the Elec/Oil/Gas switch achieve diversity in tone voicing, each providing a unique perspective on energy and saturation levels. Including Burners (Low Burn, Mid Burn, Top Burn) and the Saute control further expands the Stove's capability to deliver targeted saturation and tonal shaping, catering to various musical needs.

Unique Features for Creative Exploration

Beyond its core functionalities, the Stove is equipped with the Bunsen and Ashes switches, innovative additions that offer further tonal options and introduce lo-fi textures into the mix. The Induction feature, a standout for its simplicity, transforms the Stove into a Tube Driver/Saturator, focusing on delivering high-quality, harmonically rich saturation.

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