Hendyamps The Oven

Stereo Saturation Device

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Versatile saturation and tonal shaping tool designed by Hendy Amps in collaboration with Maor Appelbaum, offering unique features for enhancing warmth, depth, and character in any audio track.

At a glance

  • True bypass for precise A/B mix comparisons
  • Flow control to manage output levels and prevent clipping
  • Calibration for precise left and right channel volume matching
  • Temp control for varying degrees of saturation
  • Temp range switch to toggle between subtle and intense saturation modes
  • Cook control for rich, harmonic saturation without altering volume significantly
  • Bake/broil switch to alter tube voicing and saturation intensity
  • Elec/gas switch for switching between subtle and bold textures
  • Low, mid, top burn controls for targeted frequency band saturation
  • Sizzle control for boosting higher frequencies
  • Burn type switch for expanded tonal adjustments
  • Bunsen switch for enhanced top burn range
  • Burned switch for adding a lo-fi character

The Hendy Amps The Oven, a collaboration with Maor Appelbaum, is a saturation powerhouse designed to elevate any track it processes. Far from your standard equalizer, this device brings a unique blend of warmth, depth, and character to your music, offering a wide array of tonal shaping options. From subtle hi-fi touches you miss only when bypassed to aggressive, saturated sonorities, The Oven ensures your tracks gain the desired vibe and colouration.

Crafting Versatile Vibes

At the heart of The Oven's design philosophy lies a commitment to versatility and creativity, making it an indispensable tool for today's composers, producers, engineers, mixers, and mastering engineers. The Oven excels in functional flexibility with features such as a genuine bypass for accurate mix comparisons and flow control to manage output levels and prevent clipping. The calibration feature allows for precise left and right channel volume matching while offering a creative means to adjust the tonal response. The temp control is a magical element, enabling users to navigate through varying degrees of saturation with minimal adjustments for significant impact.

Advanced Features for Creative Control

Moreover, The Oven introduces a temp range switch to toggle between subtle and intense saturation modes alongside the cook control that drives the pentode tube stage for rich, harmonic saturation without altering volume levels significantly. The bake/broil switch and elec/gas switch further refine the device's ability to manipulate tube voicing and saturation intensity, offering a spectrum from clear, subtle effects to bold, thick textures. With the addition of low, mid, and top burn controls, users can target specific frequency bands for saturation, adding layers of versatility. The sizzle control, exclusive to boosting higher frequencies, alongside the innovative burn type and bunsen switches, expands the tonal palette, allowing for nuanced adjustments. Lastly, the burned switch invites a lo-fi charm, adding another layer of sonic character.

Mastering Tone with Maor Appelbaum

Beyond its technical prowess, The Oven also promises an educational journey through a one-on-one masterclass with Maor Appelbaum, ensuring users can fully harness its potential in their work. This unique combination of features and learning opportunities positions The Oven not just as a tool but as a gateway to mastering the art of tone, making it a must-have for professionals seeking to refine their sonic landscape.

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