Hendy Amps Van Gogh

Tube optical compressor

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Innovative dual-channel optical tube compressor with a completely hand-built design, high-fidelity input and output transformers, three distinct compression circuits for a versatile range of sounds, extensive control options for nuanced signal manipulation, and the unique ability to combine compressors for limitless sound shaping possibilities.

At a glance

  • Two separate compressors with their own controls
  • Distortion generator/Limiter with its own control
  • Control to set the global threshold of all three compressors at once
  • Switch to engage each compressor individually or in any combination
  • Completely hand-built design
  • High-fidelity input and output transformers
  • Three distinct compression circuits
  • Extensive control options
  • Unique ability to combine compressors for limitless sound-shaping possibilities

The Hendyamps Van Gogh is an innovative and versatile dual-channel Optical Tube Compressor that sets a new standard for optical-based tube studio compressors. These compressors traditionally adhered closely to established norms, often focusing on a limited range of applications. This device represents a significant departure from this tradition, introducing a versatile approach that integrates innovative features with the essence of classic designs, ensuring a blend of versatility and unparalleled tonal purity.

Unrivalled Design and Construction

Encapsulated within a 2U rack unit, the Van Gogh utilises 12au7 tubes for its makeup gain stage, beginning its signal journey through a high-fidelity input transformer, progressing through the 12au7 gain stages, and finally exiting via an output transformer. This entirely hand-built, all-tube, discrete, single-ended, Class A design excels in transient handling and frequency range coverage, outperforming many competitors.

Advanced Compression Circuits

This unit introduces three distinct compression circuits, offering the user the flexibility to engage and manipulate any combination simultaneously, enhancing dynamic control and creative possibilities.

Versatile Control Features

The Gain Control adjusts the signal gain post-compression, allowing for nuanced signal enhancement. The Ratio Control modulates the compression intensity, offering users precise dynamic management. Users can toggle the gain reduction for each compressor through the Comp Switches, facilitating immediate comparison between compressed and bypassed signals. The Global Threshold knob manages the overall gain reduction across all compressors, promoting remarkable flexibility. Finally, the Distortion Shape switch changes the character of the third compressor, offering options from heavy distortion to aggressive sharpness, adaptable to various musical needs.

Compressor Circuit Highlights

The first optical compressor circuit is known for its exceptional smoothness, making it ideal for various instruments, including vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, and basses. The second compressor circuit stands out for its aggressive and quick response, perfect for shaping sources with high dynamic content such as drums. The third compressor circuit breaks the mould by adding significant amounts of unique distortion and fuzz alongside near brick wall limiting, creating striking effects on sources like snare drums.

Mixed Settings for Creative Freedom

Beyond the individual strengths of its compressor circuits, the Van Gogh offers the unique capability to use all compressors simultaneously. This not only provides an infinite array of compression combinations but also means that adjusting the threshold of one compressor affects all others, even when they are not actively engaged. This interconnectivity offers an innovative approach to sound shaping, extending the unit's utility and creative potential.

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